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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Togo One Mark Carmine

Beckett fact no. 31.

I put down the tray and looked for a few stamps at random. The Togo one mark carmine with the pretty boat, the Nyassa 1901 ten reis, and several others. I was very fond of the Nyassa. It was green and showed a giraffe grazing at the top of a palm-tree. (Molloy)

I've found the Togo one mark carmine. That's it in the top right-hand corner. Clicking on the image increases its size no end, if you fancy a closer look.

The giraffe, however, I haven't tracked down. Elusive things, giraffes.

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Anonymous said...

The 1901 Nyassa 10 reis avec giraffe! (Click to enlarge)