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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Piss Artist

In his poem 'Pit-Stop Near Castletown', Seamus Heaney fondly remembers the male bonding experience of pissing against a wall with Robert Lowell:

His forthright stroan
Went glittering like a foil, Marlovian,

As shoulder to shoulder, before we got back in
He intimated --

Can I interrupt there, please? 'Marlovian'? As in Christopher Marlowe? The shiny foil-y quality of Lowell's piss was Marlovian? Or the over-the-top bravura of his pissing style? What would a Websterian or Middletonian piss look like?

Robert Lowell and your Marlovian piss, I salute you.


Anonymous said...

This is brilliant. There should be an anthology of shit like that!

Adding you to my bookmark list.

AH said...

What's a stroan?