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Saturday, January 21, 2006


Beckett fact no. 22.

This is less a fact than unsupported hearsay: Beckett's last prose text, Stirrings Still, has 1906 words. I started counting them but lost my place and gave up. Help anyone?

The Darly mentioned in the text is Arthur Darley (sic), a doctor who worked with Beckett in Saint-Lô and the subject of his French poem 'Mort de A.D.' (mort hier pendant que je vivais...).


lifeform666 said...

Close, Percy. It's 1882. Piece of cake to ferret out. Just store away the file in plain text format and use a text editor to change all the spaces to carriage returns. Then get rid of all the fluff and go down to the last line and read off the line number which any decent text editor should display.


puthwuth said...

My authority for this is a memory of a Gerry Dukes Irish Times review. But that's good to know. Thanks!