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Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Possibly useful in Mark Steyn's eyes for: making whalebone four-poster beds in which to have human sex and make more little humans, not whales

Possibly useful in Mark Steyn's eyes for: having eight children, not being Muslim
Not useful for: being 'European'

Possibly useful for: Hollinger Group work experience placement on Baghdad Bulletin

I mentioned before about how interested Mark Steyn is in us wh -- us European folk having lots of sex and lots of babies. Here are some soundbites from a recent New Criterion piece on the ever-same subject, beginning with his view of a 1968 bestseller which predicted the earth would soon run out of natural resources:

None of these things happened. In fact, quite the opposite is happening. We're pretty much awash in resources, but we're running out of people--the one truly indispensable resource, without which none of the others matter. Russia's the most obvious example: it's the largest country on earth, it's full of natural resources, and yet it's dying--its population is falling calamitously. [...]

And even though none of the prognostications of the eco-doom blockbusters of the 1970s came to pass, all that means is that 30 years on, the end of the world has to be rescheduled. The amended estimated time of arrival is now 2032. That's to say, in 2002, the United Nations Global Environmental Outlook predicted "the destruction of 70 percent of the natural world in thirty years, mass extinction of species. . . . More than half the world will be afflicted by water shortages, with 95 percent of people in the Middle East with severe problems . . . 25 percent of all species of mammals and 10 percent of birds will be extinct . . ." Etc., etc., for 450 pages. Or to cut to the chase, as the Guardian headlined it, "Unless We Change Our Ways, The World Faces Disaster."

Well, here's my prediction for 2032: unless we change our ways the world faces a future . . . where the environment will look pretty darn good. If you're a tree or a rock, you'll be living in clover. It's the Italians and the Swedes who'll be facing extinction and the loss of their natural habitat. There will be no environmental doomsday. Oil, carbon dioxide emissions, deforestation: none of these things is worth worrying about. What's worrying is that we spend so much time worrying about things that aren't worth worrying about that we don't worry about the things we should be worrying about.

[End quote]

If Mark Steyn is so interested in Europeans gettin' it awn, why am I so interested in his foul eugenic ramblings (I read his website all the time)? Partly because I find it strangely irresistible to find someone so candid about not giving a single, solitary shit about what humanity (European-style humanity) does to the planet to ensure its god-given supremacy, but also because it makes me want to come clean about living up to his stereotype of the non-reproducing European: yes I really do hate the human race, and yes I would happily contemplate its extinction rather than litter the crust of the earth with the geological skin disease that is any more people like Mark Steyn. The world doesn't need them. It doesn't need us or me either. Forget about giving the Muslims a chance. Let's give the place back to the toads.

I hate the human race in a Jonathan Swift sense, by the way: I hate all doctors but like Doctor so-and-so, I hate all children but like baby so-and-so. Except for you of course, you reading this, you know who you are: I really fucking hate you!


Anonymous said...

Why do you hate me?

puthwuth said...

Now I've met you I've decided you're all right.