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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Chattanooga Shoe Shine Boy

Elvis knee tremor syndrome

Five things you'll notice about Ireland back then watching Peter Lennon's The Rocky Road to Dublin that you never see these days:

Men whose idea of dressing up for a dance is a tie and a cardigan

Members of the Censorship Board who have quite patently been given the job because of how big their ears and how bad their teeth are

The Father Michael Cleary 'Chattanooga Shoeshine Boy' singing priest Elvis knee tremor

Priests at weddings who say of the newly-wed couple 'I could tell a few stories', meaning about the time Bridie put one spoon of sugar too many into Father O'Looby's tea, or when Johnny put a button in the collection plate instead of the sixpence he wanted to spend on fags on the way home from mass, all in the voice of a proctologist telling you the tumour up your backside is now inoperable and by the way you are going to die in the next twenty minutes

People down the pub who want to do a turn on the spoons

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