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Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Talking of remote places to live, I was mooching around in West Wicklow today and discovered a few placenames even an Ordnance Survey map freak like me hadn't come across before, my favourite being Manger. If pronounced to rhyme with 'banger', the local disco could be full of mingers from Manger. If pronounced to rhyme with 'danger', ugly local redheads could be Manger ginger mingers.

Since my meagre powers of information retrieval have failed to locate an image of Manger, here is an obscure house to go with the Norwegian one: the Dwyer-McAllister cottage in nearby Derrynamuck.

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Anonymous said...

Manger is pronounced the French way. It's the French cuisine capital of north west Wicklow, but doesn't like to broadcast the fact.