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Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Wicker Man

Paganism or Christianity?

Paganism: pros
Drunken public rutting
Gyrating naked Britt Ekland
Not very demanding-looking paganism-is-basically-the-answer-to-everything school curriculum
Animal costumes

Paganism: cons
Recorder music
Naked outdoor ante-natal classes apparently obligatory
Difficulties of enjoying quiet pint in only island pub while obese bearded locals frolic with Britt Ekland
Apple-growing obsession at the expense of ability to deliver minimally acceptable cooked food

Christianity: pros
Use of flying boat
Impressive command of King James Bible, though reference to dying 'unshriven' would appear to suggest Hebridean Catholicism (Barra? South Uist?)

Christianity: cons
The whole being burned alive thing
Urination on head by goat during above, as happened to Edward Woodward

Further Real-life footnotes
Britt Ekland's part dubbed
Britt Ekland's parts dubbed too: was pregnant at the time, body double used for gyrating naked rear shots

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