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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Do Not Adjust Your Set

Remember the scene from Man on the Moon where Andy Kaufman gets his own network special, and insists on a segment where the picture jumps all over the place, and then when the suits watch the tape one of them gets up to hit the TV and everyone goes nuts when Andy says it's meant to be like that?

Well, is a bit similar. It's full of colourful text that looks like a laptop throwing up, and lots of links leading nowhere in particular, if not to some sort of message about the way we chew up and process information these days. We're fucking with your mind, it's saying, and don't you just love it.

Some extracts, minus the cathode-tube-meets-J.H. Prynne effects:

aND rhytmically hammering nail of visual knowledge into undeveloped cranïïs, by exposing to imægery beyond comprehension, with imploding cohesiveness of anti-climactic multilayers, developing unique experience, simulating n-dimentional field in the context of the one1-dimentional cortex, randomly supressing or stimulation urge to operate "back" button either by applying pointy-ing device with certain level of clickability, or leveraging knowledge of implicit k-level vocabulary which+++++

dËË++generÂtion zeite uses pronÖÖgraphic and intro-cranial intrinsic layout principles to describe a page in n-dimensions in non-linear Barnach field.+++++++++dÊÊ-gÉnÉ+++ration+++ zeite+D+zéigners scientifically randomize position and relationships of all elements on the page, totally releasing control of any form of layout, whatsoever ..... dee-generation zÉites metaphorize consistent thematical overuse of rejected visual tokens to disgust and repel, thus creating a near-death experience for zÜrfers by+++++

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