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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Walter Benjamin, Poet

Walter Benjamin, poet. From Walter Benjamin’s Archive, new from Verso. The word ‘eternal’ in the second-last line is crossed out, but blogger won’t let me do strikethrough, or if it will I’m too stupid to work out how. Or how to indent the last line. Someone help me out here.

When I begin a song
It sticks
And if I become aware of you
It is an illusion

And thus love wanted you
Humble and small
So that I win you
With being alone

Therefore you slipped from me
Until I learnt
Only flawless petitions

Betray nature
And only enraptured steps
The eternal trace


John said...

how did you do it?

puthwuth said...

(strike) before the word and (/strike) after it.

Except I don't mean ( and ) I mean the greater and less than signs, which blogger will not allow me to use here, for Lord knows what reason.

For which advice, thanks to JL and MG.