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Friday, January 11, 2008


According to Technorati, and in case you were ever wondering, this blog is about the following:

bullshit aardvark trying to hoover the fluff out of its bum and a llama on the front lawn too clean up your room communion wafer fascism gangrenous scumhole gimme shelter goose-stepping rooster kill yourself now mbau memiadluk went back alone nausea rafa is the bosphorous situationism taking the biscuit the tongue’s atrocious ease the tongue’s atrocities this blog brought to you by the letter g what exactly are hiccups

I realize this is just a list of the tags I occasionally use but still, I thought they had a certain ring to them when concatenated like that, car-crash style.

Also, since I'm speaking on the meta level here: to the reader in Saudi Arabia who found this site with the search words 'asshole fever movie', I hope your rear end has improved. Asshole fever can be all too painful if not caught and treated early, and no amount of public information movies on this topic can ever be enough, in the war we all wage, daily, on this debilitating condition.

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