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Tuesday, April 24, 2007


If we are not to become
a dispersed people of smoke,
the monument that is us must be built soon.
(John Ash, ‘Smoke’)

If you are not to become
A people who were dispersed in smoke
The monument that is you must be built soon.
(Justin Quinn, ‘Smoke (after John Ash)’)

I wonder what controls it, can the wind hold
That snake of orange motion to the hills
Away from the houses?
(Medbh McGuckian, ‘Smoke’)

He erases the whole mess and titles it Smoke

And hangs it over the fireplace
In front of which you are now reading this

Or feeding it piece by piece into ordinary vague flames,
Noting the only thing in the world that will not burn is smoke.

(John Latta, ‘Smoke’)

1 comment:

Mark Granier said...


I built on the sand
And it tumbled down,
I built on a rock
And it tumbled down.
Now when I build, I shall begin
With the smoke from the chimney.

 Leopold Staff