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Sunday, October 15, 2006


In the light of Jack Straw's comments on the veil we turn the spotlight on the worrying subculture of football mascots, of shadowy individuals such as Oldham's Chaddy the Owl, Burton Albion's Billy Brewer and Preston North End's Deepdale Duck, and ask how much longer we should be expected to tolerate the refusal of this handful of extremists to integrate with society at large, spreading fear and alienation in their wake as ordinary citizens of Preston attempt to make eye contact with {snip}

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sean lysaght said...

Here's Spenser in his View of the Present State of Ireland, on Irish fringes or glibs: 'but for the Irish glibs I say that besides their savaghe brutishness and loathy filthiness, which is not to be named, they are fit masks as a mantle is for a thief, for whensoever he hath run himself into that peril of law that he will not be known, he either cutteth off his glib quite, by which he becometh nothing like himself, of pulleth it so low down over his eyes that it is very hard to discern his thievish countenance.