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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Old English

What we call Old English was in fact Young English and what we speak today, that's Old English; Flann O'Brien noticed that.


Anonymous said...

That's true. You're dead right, and so was, eh, Flann, or Brian, or Myles, when they were sober, which was rare. However, when they were alert they were very sharp. Old English is indeed what many of us speak.

Mark Granier said...

How do you know we're speaking Old English? It might be merely Middleaged English, or Thirtysomething English, or even Teen or Toddler English to someone several millennia down the road (in the perhaps unlikely event that there'll be roads then, or humans to walk them). Maybe they'll all be speaking Old Chinglandic, an amalgam of Chinese, English and Icelandic.