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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Japan and the IWC

Under pressure from anti-whaling nations, not to mention land-locked African whaling enthusiasts and IWC allies Mauritania, Gabon and Togo, Japan has finally revealed the findings of its 'scientific' whaling campaign: they're delicious.

Also, about the word 'whaling'. Now there's a word you can guess wasn't invented by whales.

Dogging: having sex with people in car parks
Birding: being an obsessive bird-watcher
Cowing: intimidating someone
Whaling: the ultra-cruel slaughter of superintelligent mammals

On the model of 'dogging', you'd think 'whaling' could at least mean having sex with a dolphin on the deck of a North Sea trawler, wouldn't you.

Oh, and fuck you Japan, by the way.

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