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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Time and the City

I haven’t seen the new Terence Davies film, Time and the City yet, though a while ago I mentioned him in connection with an auratic (I found) image I’d seen in the paper. And yesterday I thought of him again when I found this image of old Wincolmlee (the area round the river Hull) in an antiques shop. I strongly suspect this is what the inside of my head looks like too. Is that a human figure in the foreground on the right-hand side? Or an anamorphic smudge? A red-raincoated dwarf perhaps. Don’t Look Now meets industrial Hull.

1 comment:

Mark Granier said...

I think the scale is wrong for a human (even the dwarf from Don't Look Now). I think it's more likely a lost garden gnome; or possibly a dwarf Christmas tree, one of those ones growing in pots you buy like the doggy in the window, imagining you'll nurture it till it's big enough to hug, till after Christmas when you discover it has died anyway (was probably dying when you bought it) and the needles slough and trickle under your fingers, no matter how gingerly you handle it, shedding a bittersweet trail over the carpet, out the door, down the steps...

"Anamorphic smudge" eh? As in "I must been pissed last night, it's all a bit of an anamorphic smudge."