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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

What the ****?!

Likes: future of European races

‘Most European races are going to be out of business in a couple more generations… So today we're the endangered species, not the spotted owl... Next time you're in a rundown diner and the 17-year-old waitress is eight months pregnant, don't tut "What a tragedy" and point her to the nearest Planned Parenthood clinic. Leave her a large tip instead. She's doing the right thing, not just for her, but for all of us.’ (Mark Steyn)

The cuss-symbols are in deference to anyone reading this from behind a firewall.

To pick up on a theme from ‘Quintonians’ (below): has anyone noticed how obsessed Mark Steyn is with f***ing? He’s noticed that there are too many Muslims around the place, and how fond they are of reproducing. He’s also noticed how pale-skin non-Muslim (sorry, 'European') folk can’t be bothered having children these days. The solution: pale-skins should f*** their way back to the top of the tree. Are you worried about the size of your non-'European' neighbour’s family? Are you worried about the future of the depopulated Russian far east? Are you worried about the sustainability of EU welfare dependency? Then get f***ing, because otherwise soon there won't be enough 'European' people to go round, and I sure as hell can’t see any on my main street or television screen. And if that teenager in the diner isn’t pregnant, slip her a really big tip and suggest meeting up beside the dumpster in the car park. You’ll make a world-syndicated eugenicist with a soft spot for the purity of the 'European' race very happy. (Mark Steyn, I mean! I'm a world-syndicated eugenicist with a soft spot for the purity of the stripey green and purple race, obviously.)

PS Spotted owls must die. We're the big endangered species round here! Though paradoxically that would make them more endangered than we are. I'll get back to you about that later.

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