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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Big Girl's Blouse

Silly boy! Left his cor anglais at home again

From the HMV bargain bin:

Fuck me man, the first number ripped the place apart, the crowd went berserk an I thought my head would split in two, it blew my mind so much. It was funky as fuck but unlike anythin I'd ever heard before. Chaotic but together; strange but familiar. I looked around an realized that the whole gatherin was awestruck, with mouths an eyes wide open like they were tryin to ingest the whole band, en masse. [...] The day proceeded along these lines: listenin to the tape from Corbieres umpteen times, smokin pipes an reachin a resoundin unanimous agreement that the tunes were fuckin heavy shit an Moose had played a blinder on guitar that could not be surpassed. Back slap an slap back, all afternoon. The lads were buzzin their nuts off. (Bez, Freaky Dancin': Me and the Mondays)

Earlier in the same book, Bez describes giving the bizzies the runaround by lying low at his lady friend's gaff: 'I alighted at my new girlfriend's house...'

Alighted? Alighted??? You big girl's blouse, Bez.

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