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Saturday, December 17, 2005


The PSNI conspiracy theory takeaway service proved highly popular with Assembly members working late

October 2002.
Government accuses own agent (posing as Sinn Fein chief administrator) of spying on itself; threatens to make him really join Sinn Fein if he won't play along (and read Gerry's books).

Gerry says: Securocrat dirty tricks pander to rejectionist Unionist agenda; they were just trying to hack Ian Paisley jr's account and send joke 'I love you' message to Bairbre de Brun.

Spy says: British government [which is to say me] has waged smear campaign against Republicans [which is to say me]. Can I go now?

December 2005
Government confesses to spying on itself; spying on self categorically not illegal; emails show Ian Paisley jr really does love Bairbre de Brun.

Gerry says:
Government spying on self undermines morale of genuine Sinn Fein spies; offers to shoot Denis Donaldson as second-chance apology to McCartney sisters; anyway, youse started it.

I say: Come back Portadown News (, your country/province/statelet needs you!

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