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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Evening 'Out'

I went to a restaurant the other evening and had some ‘dinner’ there. The ‘reason’ I’m doing that thing with the quotation marks is that the menu listed the cheese as ‘English’ and the fish as ‘locally’ sourced, and unless someone has been watching (and slightly misunderstanding) that episode of Friends where Joey slightly misunderstands the quotation marks sign people do with their fingers, I couldn’t work out what the menu was trying to tell me. I wondered, during my token one veggie option main course (which worked out at £2.50 a spoonful of risotto: cue Woody Allen joke about the food here being awful, yes, and the portions are so small too) whether having ‘asked’ for the bill at the end they would accept me ‘paying’ with some of this ‘money’ (jelly beans) I was carrying in my pocket, but coward that I am I merely ‘went home’ fuming silently to myself at the brass neck of abattoir-friendly ‘restaurants’’ idea of torturing not just animals but the English language too in an attempt to ‘impress’ their ‘customers’.


Kit said...

My favourites are Hardy's Well, a pub in Manchester that advertised '"Hot" Food' and rather more deliciously, a property developer's advert that was much in evidence on Dublin buses about a year ago:
'Still Renting? Own "Your Own Home" for just E700 a month!'

I believe there is a website devoted to this solecism. I don't know the Friends episode, but I guess its the same mistake: a sign indicating irony being used instead to indicate emphasis.

Ron Burgundy said...

You know what they say: when in Rome...