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Monday, April 20, 2009

Once Bittern

The above photo, not taken by me and found here, shows a bittern in flight, and is just one of the many I have been examining this morning to confirm that I did, in fact, see a bittern overhead yesterday along the Pocklington canal, near Bielby. It had the same body size and shape, the tucked-in U-bend neck, the lighter colouring on its undercarriage, the same everything. This leaves only the small matter of the corncrake, I suppose, on my wish-list before I ascend miraculously into birders’ Nirvana. Anyone owed money by me is thus advised to make contact before I next set foot in the Outer Hebrides or Inishbofin. O bittern:

A bhonnán bhuí, is é mo léan do luí,
Is do chnámha sínte tar éis do ghrinn,
Is chan easba bidh ach díobháil dí
a d'fhág i do luí thú ar chúl do chinn.
Is measa liom féin ná scrios na Traoi
Tú bheith i do luí ar leaca lom',
Is nach ndearna tú díth ná dolaidh sa tír,
Is nárbh fhearra leat fíon ná uisce poll.

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sean lysaght said...

Nice one, puthwuth.