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Monday, March 30, 2009

My Philosophy of Life

Everyone should have a philosophy of life, and this is mine. It is based on thinking about doing something then not doing it, for no reason. I have a brilliant idea for a novel, so I don’t write it. Someone is attractive and intelligent, and I think: how nice it would be to sleep with that person, and then I think: no it wouldn’t, I would hate that. I think: I should live somewhere I like, not where I do, and then I think: no I shouldn’t, I should stay where I am, not because it gives me pleasure but just because. I’m here now and why change that. I reject the human will, in other words, but in a way that aims to exclude any sense of sacrifice or self-denial. The flipside of this philosophy is that when you (which is to say I) actually do something it can’t be because you wanted to, but because it happened when you weren’t looking, behind your back, or that’s what you have to tell yourself. In this way your life can become one long glorious empty accident. And this is my philosophy of life.


Anonymous said...

That's my philosophy of life, too. Let's start a Movement.

Or then again, let's not.

Steven Waling said...

This is my theory, it is nobody else's theory. It is my theory. Dinosaurs are small at one end, big in the middle, and small at the other end. This is my theory.

Baz said...

I don't believe you mananged to write down the exact way I live.. and according to these other comments.. them too!.. hah