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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Here Lieth the Ould Jeremy Who Hath Eight Times Married Been

Above picture taken on a mobile phone in Welton, a village near Hull and scene of the apprehension of Dick Turpin for the crime of obstreperous behaviour in the Green Dragon tavern, shooting the landlord’s poultry in his cups. What the landlord’s poultry was doing in... (insert remainder of Groucho Marx elephant-in-his-pyjamas joke here).

Married eight times though, eh. I am reminded of ‘Upon Batt’, a couplet I know from Geoffrey Grigson’s excellent The Faber Book of Epigrams and Epitaphs:

Batt he gets children, not for love to rear ’em,
But out of hope his wife might die to bear ’em.

Mark Granier kindly helped me out here by touching up the original photo for enhanced legibility, knowing much more about these things than I do.

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