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Monday, November 02, 2009

Il Fuoco Che Gli Affina

An appreciation of Richard Price’s Rays and Thomas A. Clark’s The Hundred Thousand Places. And before you ask me why I describe Price as the author of a dozen books, please just don’t: I never said that!


Anonymous said...

But Richard Price IS the author of a dozen books (in fact more than) - Sense and a Minor Fever, Tube Shelter Perspective, Marks & Sparks, Hand Held, Perfume & Petrol Fumes, Frosted / Melted, gift horse, A Boy In Summer, Lute Variations, The Fabulous Matter of Fact, Wake Up and Sleep, and Earliest Spring Yet. And that's before you get onto his co-edited books. Alright, many of those are fine press limited edition or pamphlet books, but the integrity of the work of art is the thing? Of course The Guardian editor probably mistook him for the New York novelist but in the end the joke is still on the Guardian: Richard Price has been on the scene for a long time.

puthwuth said...

That was my interpretation of it exactly. Serendipitous, I thought.