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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Scansion for Beginners

‘Dumb fuck’ is a spondee.
‘Geebag’ is a trochee.
‘Ya hoor ya’ is an amphibrach.
‘Mingebubble’ is a dactyl. Or is it? Depends, I suppose.

‘The chocolate chimney sweep uses his purple-headed womb-broom for the dirtier duties’ is… nothing much at all, apart from a quotation from Viz character Roger Mellie I found when I ran out of examples and googled ‘unusual swear words’.

I also learned from this search that ‘goldfish shit’ is a Japanese term for sycophants and hangers-on. Because, as you will have noticed, the poo that comes out a goldfish’s bum hangs there for a while before dropping off.

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