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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Found, Discontinued

I was in Virginia once and happened on ‘Mr Yates’s Trading Post’, whose proprietor appeared to be the long-lost brother of the old beardy guy from The Dukes of Hazzard, the world’s greatest ever television programme about hot pants and jumping through car windows in a southern state completely lacking any black folk. My, I loved that show. Mr Yates’ people had had to leave
Ireland many centuries ago, he explained, because otherwise they would have had their heads cut off.

I purchased from Mr Yates a copy of Addie J. Wood, Age 92’s Mountain Memories, autographed by the author too and dated 1994. Here is an extract more or less at random:

On left, several houses and trailers own by the Hooker family. Seven Day Adventist Church was built. Later has been used for Home Health Care.

Edgar Cassell garage and home on right. He was a Primitive Baptist Preacher. His daughter, Goldie (Tootsie) known as the news reporter to the Bugle paper.

Clifton old mill on left was in use for several years. Place now own by tourist. John Hall place, his granddaughter Lucy West, chief cook at Meadows of Dan School for many years live on left. Retired.

Posey Cassell live at the Lewis place on left. President and teacher at the normal school for teachers.

Cruise, Va was the postoffice.

Established February 16 1881
Postmaster – William W. Lee
Andrew Z. Clifton –
March 16, 1909
Discontinued – October 31, 1913

{Quotation ends}

I've got more of this stuff, you know, lots more. Give me a good reason not to unleash it on you by the bucketload.

Uncle Jesse. That was his name.

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Anonymous said...

Only hope Addie didn't dedicate the book to the teachers thereabouts : )