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Tuesday, August 07, 2007


‘McCain Florida Co-Chair Says Fear of Black Man Made Him Solicit Sex for Cash in Park’.

That’s the kind of news headline I like to see. Oh my God, there’s an intimidatingly large black man in the gents, what will I do! I know, I’ll offer twenty bucks to ‘perform a sex act’ on him outside, and maybe he’ll let me live!

Let me try to come up with a headline as absurd as that.

‘Biologically Underinformed Junior Minister Noticed Hole Between Woman’s Legs, Decided Plugging it with Penis Only Way to Prevent Immediate Vital Organ Loss.’

Well come up with a better one then if you’re so fucking smart.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yes, you are so right. No boy or man has ever agreed to perform a joyless sexual act out of fear. Of course not. How unimaginable. Any hero of the male persuasion would of course spin around, morph into Superman and knock them flying into a special human rights court in Brussels. Even at six years of age or less, even if they'd never heard of the UN, or human rights, or uncles who don't like a drink.

Aren't you lucky that this wasn't your world? Forgive me for being more worried about the politicians whose price is considerably higher. How misunderstood they are ; )