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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Durham, Durham, Durham

Discussing salvation, disgusting salivation.

‘It is very difficult to please a man against his will.’ (Johnson)

‘Before they elect a new pope, the papal chamberlain, the cardinal camerlengo, hits the dead pope on the forehead with a silver hammer to make sure he is dead.’ (The Independent)

The Drowned and the Saved, the Downed and the Shaved.

The Irish Descartes: ‘I think therefore I am, I think.’

John Updike the author of a poem called ‘The Marvellous Bowel Movement.’

Tip of Mary Magdalene’s nose preserved in her shrine.

‘I’m getting a little behind.’ ‘When is it arriving?’

Robert Frost stopped setting his poems in orchards when told by a farmer that geese don’t roost in trees.

Durham, Durham, Durham (address of the Bishop of Durham.)

Latin official language of Hungarian parliament until the 1840s.

‘Iota of difference’: derives from religious debates of semi-Arians, for whom the Son was ‘like’ (homoiousios) the Father but not of one substance, with believers in the ‘co-substantial’ (homoousios) position.

‘We are cruelty free’ (sign in cosmetics shop).


Anonymous said...

"Ears pierced while you wait." Sign in shop window (Condon's/The Favourite), Cahir, Co. Tipperary, circa 1984

puthwuth said...

A letting agency near here had a sign in its window that read 'We spatialize in difficult cases.'

'Right, if you put this Lego block here, and this one here...'