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Thursday, August 09, 2007

A Minger Speaks

Passed through the town of Immingham or Ming yesterday, an abbreviation that I suppose makes its residents certified mingers and no mistake. Looking the place up online I found, first, some derogatory comments, and then the following vindication:

hey,i liv in Ming n if ya got owt bad 2 say bowt it thn say it 2 da ppl tht liv eya,ive lived eya all ma life,n its ace,we got da boy racers,da lad chav's(fiter thn n e one u will eva see)nd chavettes am a chavette n wat u got against chavs/chavettes?dey dnt spel prprly ye so wot we r lazy get ova it find sumet new 2 critisize coz we av gd style n luk fkin ace,we al av dif taste its jst chav's n chavettes is beta thn urs,get a fkin life sad gits...

{Quotation ends}

Viva Ming.

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