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Monday, May 07, 2007

This Blog Supports the Voluntary Extinction of the Human Race

Responding to an environmentalist's plea that we have no more than two children, Mark Steyn writes: 'And when the self-loathing westerners are gone how many Yemeni imams will want to man the late shift at the local Greenpeace office?'

The beauty of this argument is that a) Mark Steyn doesn't believe Greenpeace is worth supporting and that most of their hot button issues like global warming are a fraud anyway, but b) hey! it'll be your fault the polar bears are dying when there aren't any white folk left and the crazy ragheads are too busy stoning people to death to care, except a) the polar bears obviously aren't dying, or have been personally paid off to die by Hillary Clinton or Sheryl Crow and b) hey! it'll be your fault when they really do start dying and there aren't white folk left and {snip}

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