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Friday, May 11, 2007

Ridicuous! Absurd! Disgusting!

On the back of his Ridiculous! Absurd! Disgusting! Frank Kuppner gives an aleatory twist to O’Hara’s telephonic suggestions in ‘Personism’: ‘The important thing is to develop the ability to write literature, and then to write something else. This is the best chance of producing worthwhile literature – that is, something worth speaking over the phone to someone rung up more or less at random.’

James Sheard, over on his blog, has posted an audio file of a voicemail message left in error (or I very much hope so) on his phone late one night: 'Where are ya… where are ya… dickhead… I’m sat here in the Chinese… bet your wife’s listening to this int she? … dickhead' (and more besides).

Becca, I'm sorry. You've got my number. Call me.

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