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Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Bread Queue Joke, Communist-Vintage

The baker has announced that bread is going on sale, so a queue forms round the block. After a long wait the baker comes out and says there’s less than he thought, and he won’t be selling it to any Jews, so the Jews go home. After another long wait he comes out again and says he’s re-checked it and found there’s less than he thought, again, so any Chechens will have to go home too, and off they go. Then it happens a third time, and this time he says he won’t be selling to any non-Russians at all, so another group slinks home. Then it’s no bread for non-members of the Communist party, and then, with just a few stragglers left, he says it’s war veterans only. This leaves two old men, the first one-legged, the second blind. Finally the baker comes out and says there’s been a big mistake and in fact there’s no bread at all. ‘Same old story’, says the one-legged man, ‘the Jews always get the best deal.’

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