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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Monsieur Chat

Tiens, c'est Monsieur Chat!

It's Monsieur Chat, a toothy feline that film-maker Chris Marker started noticing on the side of Paris buildings after September 2001. He wondered whether the chirpy little fellow mightn't be a symbol of peace and reconciliation and made a short film, Chats perchés, in his honour.

One of the slogans that accompanied Monsieur Chat read Faites des chats et pas la guerre. I've struggled with the logic of that one, I confess. If those cats waging war in the Middle East would just get back to having sex instead, the world would be be a much better place, but how to persuade the Coalition forces and the Iraqi insurgents to get down to making more cats, I don't know.

The task may even be beyond Monsieur Chat. He's airborne –

He's flying away –

Come back Monsieur Chat! I didn't mean what I said about the litter tray and the scratching post! You can sleep in the airing cupboard any time you want!


Anonymous said...

Chris Marker is supposed to have drawn them. Though he claimed they were the work of an 'unknown'. Monsieur Chat should go to London now to visit the Queen, I reckon. For more on the artful chat see this week's London Review of Books!

Anonymous said...

Scrap previous comment - I have just been informed that Chris Marker didn't draw them. He just liked them. The artist, by what I assume is a freak coincidence, is also called M. Chat.