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Sunday, April 30, 2006

The Highbrow Life

'Sit Tom Paulin down in front of a cheery Ben Dover gang-bang or the latest hyper-explicit arthouse sexfest, and he'll probably yawn himself into a coma so deep it makes death itself resemble a light snooze. Highbrows critics are made of sterner stuff than you or I. Not for them the simple call-and-response reaction of us simple apes. They only masturbate to harpsichords on Radio 3.' (Charlie Brooker, The Guardian 29 April)

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Mark Granier said...

Oh I don't know. He applauded TITANIC when it came out; he might have been snobbish about Michael Jackson's album (I forget which) but I've never heard that non-stick sound described better: "teflon music".