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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Nights In/Out

I was reading the local freesheet today when a line in the personal ads caught my attention. Random bloke in search of lass announces that he likes ‘nights in/out’.

Nights, then. That part of the day when you either go to the pub or see if there’s anything good on the telly. He likes them, one way or the other. He will not suddenly cower until the table at the approach of sunset, ladies, though I doubt he thinks they need assurances on that score before going on a date. Or does he? No, probably not. SO WHY RAISE IT IN THE FIRST PLACE?

1 comment:

Background Artist said...

Because he is clearly in search of a sex partner, and not having the eloquence of Larkin, or a title which makes him King of Hull, probably being a bit simple minded in relation to art and maybe not packing down below, advertises for it, just like we all do.

i have a theory that at some level, all writing is about impressing the opposite sex. poetry and acting, the honest ones say, they got into to meet hunky guys and women (often bisexual) and have a few orgies after the open mic.

this is why i did at least, but poetry being such meant i am still waiting and cruelties of cruelties, it is only men i seem to meet when publically advocating verse, and any women that do come, soon get scared off by my obsession...just can't and peace