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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mr White

I mentioned in my last post about a sequence I’ve done about the cats of Hull, and while I’ve sat on it for a while with a vague intention of unloading it on a magazine, why not just post the thing here, I tell myself, where at least I can use photographs too.

So next along is Mr White aka Snowy aka Manny. The reason for the aliases is his moving between different houses along the street, and passing under a different name in each. It takes a lot for him to calm down enough to do more than conduct a food raid when he comes through the cat flap, but what an honour when he does.

Writing on his blog about his cat Lily, George Szirtes announces ‘She is a great delight to look upon and study.’ My whole style of writing changed, for the better I hope, after I moved here to Hull in 2000, and bulking large among the reasons for this is the thousands of hours I have spent observing the cat life of Hull, and all I have learned therefrom about movement, style and grace. Mr White then:

White ghost torpedo
so far ahead
of yourself

so scarcely there
you’re gone
by the time

I’ve taken you for
advance warning
you might appear.

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