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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Felinefest Continues

Another small dead animal. Molly was an old tailless tortoise-shell rescued when her owner died. Unlike Mitzy, Molly was a Zen cat blissfully tolerant of fellow felines, thunder storms, which she liked to sit in, and the misfortune of possessing a baldy arse. Here she receives palliative care from Puthwuth, who runs a clean ship.

This dead tortie
was a Cheshire cat
but in the wrong order.

The grin went first.
There never was
a tail, just

a balding stump.
But then to see
the rest go – legs,

lungs collapse –
a broken bellows –
it is murder.

Don’t talk to me
about loss,
who flatter myself

I feel in my lap
the flick of her missing
tail’s contented

thump thump thump.


Unappeasable Henry said...

Do bats eat cats?

I wish they did.

puthwuth said...

Not enough people know that cats are in fact vegetarian. When they feel a mouse or bird is in danger, from a passing spider for instance, they will sometimes hide these creatures in their bellies for sake keeping, but still the meat-ending slander lives on! Shocking.