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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Coming Attraction


Mark Granier said...

Title is one of my favourite words.

Best of luck with it.

sean lysaght said...

If you are trading copies for beer, you might specify the volume!

Ailbhe said...


puthwuth said...

Copies will be available on Friday 13 June at the Humber Mouth Festival launch in Zest on Newland Avenue, Hull. There is a DVD involved too, with me talking to some old trawlermen, and lots of footage of shaggy highland cattle by the East Yorks sea.

Zest do a good Hoegaarden and Wells Banana Bread Beer, in answer to Sean's question.


I confidently offer an eight-pack of Carlsberg. Of course, if I get it from the fridge in Booze Buster rather than the shelf, that means an extra investment of 50p, but I've considered it, spoken to a few people and I'm willing to put up the cash. Disclaimer: I might seek a rebate if I go bankrupt within the next twelve months.

And I came to the conclusion a while back that banana beer doesn't taste like bananas, it just smells like them. It's a lie, just like pear cider and Barry George's conviction for killing Jill Dando. I believe in Barry.