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Friday, May 12, 2006

Ruth Kelly

Ruth Kelly. What a nauseating bitch.

Lots of liberal outrage when Tony Blair made her Minister for Women and Equality about the fact that a right-wing Catholic in charge of protecting minority rights might think homosexuality is a sin. Big deal, you might think. After all, as she said to Nicky Campbell: 'I'm sort of getting used to these questions as I go from one department to another. Is it possible to be a practising Catholic and hold a portfolio in government? The answer is 'yes'. Why? Because I'm collectively responsible for cabinet decisions and I firmly believe in equality and I believe everyone should be protected from discrimination.'

Except no you don't, you have failed to support a single motion on homosexual rights since 1997 and voted against gay adoption. Which, again, would be fine if you could just bring yourself to say it: 'Gays. Don't like them. No rights for them.' Just tell us all what a freaky little Opus Dei bigot you are and get it over with.

Notice too the trick, as patented by Donald Rumsfeld, of asking and answering her own questions. No Ruth, you don't ask the questions, the interviewer does. Answer his question, you sanctimonious cow. Or alternatively you could just fuck off and die.

PS I haven't seen Brokeback Mountain, don't like Judy Garland, am given to nervous referencing of the Seinfeld line 'Not that there's anything wrong with that', and still managed to be this annoyed.


Anonymous said...

Which means you are a worthy human being. Well done!

Baz said...

ahh but you write poetry and keep cats! so they've got you banged to rights.. (or is it writes!?)