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Friday, June 06, 2008

The Villainy of Mayo

The cartoon of Dean Windass in my last post bore a passing resemblance to Desperate Dan (make that Desperate Dean by next Christmas, but I digress), and I was thrilled to read here of the involvement of the Dandy comic in a Mayo Echo story under the startling title ‘Castlebar Lake Attracts Hundreds of Perverts.’ Hundreds of perverts are descending on Castlebar every week as the town has become the “cruising” capital of Connaught, we read. The bushes round a grotty car park in Castlebar are crawling with hundreds of seminally intoxicated, nay ‘drooling’ perverts, reducing normal life in Co. Mayo to a standstill. Images from ‘boys’ magazines’ found at the cruising site were named by Mayo Echo scribe Tony Geraghty as evidence of underhand activities afoot on phone-in moron-a-thon Liveline until revealed to be nothing more fiendish than random pages from the Dandy. Mr Tony Geraghty heroically persisted with his claim that the Dandy pages had been used for ‘sexual gratification’, which may result in a telephone call from a Channel 5 documentary maker any day now (perhaps the one who made the programme screened this week about the woman in a romantic relationship with the Berlin wall, and who had cheated on it with a fence). ‘It seems in this modern day that there are certain groups we simply are not alloyed [sic] to discuss’, Mr Geraghty further fumed and foamed, before I presume offering to come down hard on the nearest sodomite. Less amusingly, his oafish threats of litigation against the popular local discussion forum, where his idiocy had attracted much ridicule and disbelief, resulted in that website suspending publication. What a total prick.

Twenty Major’s hilarious take on this.

This is self-evidently the greatest news story ever told.


Mark Granier said...

"Mr Tony Geraghty heroically persisted with his claim that the Dandy pages had been used for ‘sexual gratification...’"

By the Dandy Warhols, no doubt.

Background Artist said...

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Bock the Robber said...

He typed the article with one hand.