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Thursday, June 05, 2008


Hard copy next week (plus DVD!), but in the meantime feast yourselves sick on this (adjust settings on scribd for optimum viewing).

Photo found here.


Background Artist said...

Excellent Wheatley, bonnie s/he is imabic capturing of an essential note which (face facts wheato) yr gotta be out Lingering larkin-esque squires of fish and Trinity cheps, who the Shakespearean critic of the living Theater: chroi core cuisle beating mid-generational S exquistely nailing the pentecostal measure, dimension of fifty fifty odds on fave, yr Philosophies of wisdom through true H i jay kay, poet laureate (warm up) maps as the very competent prose-poems i apprehended from yr (as yet un-) Greater BS self of the nordie Parthalon, bartholmew Ahern, practicing the political lampost act, of waving from the bottom up, ditching not the brave dream of doing the trinity sophia filid arndale centres, (piss) chips (trade) 4 bleary mate's, English isnald/s cottage of welsh Alba, Brython, Coin and livery ways of supping back the local mist DLóg enech christopher, clifford (is it?) and the two daves Daithi
(philosophy lit) --- agile, swift, nimbleness and a general sense of a final Pagan Rí (whose twenty four sons are?) shaman -- loved one -- David means, swift Humber king, Philosophy is not dead, long live the larkin'esque japes of being on time for brehon Des quizzing Parthalán Pádraig Ó hEachthairn of his Munster soul-ways,

...Ballydehob Bandon Bantry Castletownbere Dunmanway, five times fifty swans and women with

before the Deluge,

"Ceasair came..and three men - Bith, Ladhram, Fintain their names. "

BLF their names. the first to set foot on the island and be recorded as the first (founding) myth of how literature and love, hate and war, all sorts of immensley convoluted spectrums of analysis, spawned up in the antediluvian pool of Life and love, here and hate, there and then back before the big (dool)F saw the thre hundred and original three fathers and Ceasir fleeing some Byzantium subterfuge, anterior to the first logged actionable event of the shared cultural nuts and botls which ended the final pagan king -- swift, nimble agile daithi as/is and Dave, Loved One david is, wheat s/he lines the first to end life here as the many Annals and latter vellum books of Leinster: Fenagh. O Flaherty thus records:

"forth (forty) days before the Flood, on the 15th day of the Moon, being the Sabbath." the Four Masters put as 2520(bc), a random guess up to a thousand yrs out, perhaps invention, but as the final 17C Brehon, Seathrún Céitinn (Geoffrey Keating), Mhuman born between Cahir and Clogheen, in the parish a river divided, two streams, distinct diacritical bhard, historian -- mage istic - poet of the first ordered greekly Koin priest and eminently esteeemed, the seanachie GK in his supreme defence by Thomand;s finest final safe-kitty-keeper of the crown jewels *deeds of the nation* at a UCD...

cum not cheeping mister swift, Wheatly sout west Lancastrian, clearly one sided approach and coded border, wet, belonging only to ocean and waves of dead, the names, the names, the very name s/he has in our loved one's names, hollering

...what more, what Mor in the name of love but us Wheatley, this Pride in the name of Art practicing lovers in bunches --- uniquely wd readers and thieves, three princes, a queen, and 350 days forth(y) in a yr make happen Lugh a ha ha:

...each day a Biffo fecks up Ramsey's hell of a Kitchen Executive in the day of hunting for the BR 'ollowair, lozenges and trains travel to exciting climes, stone(r) George easily ascending in an easterly helping out wiv Swift and us for you, H, 'ear us loived one(s) Daves, agile, mister nimble mate/s?...


I tried to make the Humber Mouth launch party on Friday to get a copy of this but a late shift, a stray dog, the goodness of my heart and my girlfriend's mother's best friend who moved to Willerby in December but didn't like the house and moved back to Holderness Road all conspired to make me miss it. Is there any other way of procuring a copy?

puthwuth said...

Maritime museum, 28 June, 2-4 pm, for Drift launch proper.