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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Down Under

If he could shit, Beckett’s Unnamable says, his turds would come out in Australia. I hereby fundamentally expel myself from the Northern hemisphere to go and spend six weeks down under, that topsy-turvy land where toilets flush the other way round and hot snow falls upwards from the ground.

I assume I will start posting from down under, eventually, but in the meantime can you please take in my milk bottles and keep any interesting pieces from the books pages of the West Hull Advertiser for me, thanks.

1 comment:

Background Artist said...

never outfoxed Daithi wheatley, serious mate/s, nah gerrin off, the poetic instinct, at this lamp post Dave, is A1, and have a gander at swifty's latest, squaring up to che from Salt and all the gloves coming off, arh, happy daze..

have a great time and bring me the money for puss dave or i will commit suicide in the centre of Liberties market roaring

"Wheatley is the diabolical devil making you suffer comrades of the Liberties, lay down yr pipe and nail bombs, stop warring, whack no more my coke addled parishioners, fear not hoddies, thomas street scangers jacking up, all is at peace now Todd and Chris have kissed and made up, shown their feminine side dave, as we do, just let the talent talk, hey?

good luck down under, it's hot there so let me come with you, as a paid companion, let me teach you of manly Love and wisdom through friendship, sidhe nimble Homeric odes dave, s/he wunts em

happy holliers..