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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Thorngumbald, Worthy Successor to Agriculture and Flower Show Of

My new favourite bedside volume is The East Yorkshire Village Book, as ‘compiled by the East Yorkshire Federation of Women’s Institutes from notes and illustrations sent by Institutes in the County’, and if that’s not all right by you then too bad, as I’m about to treat you to some extracts from it.

Roos today is a friendly village where older residents and newcomers mix very well. New housing is being built and the community is growing steadily. At one time villages had to be more self-sufficient and the village used to have more shops and trades than there are now. There is still a grocer/newsagent’s (with a petrol pump) and a butcher’s shop selling savouries and cakes.

Some people would say that the most exciting pastime in Preston is to watch the traffic lights change, but others would strongly disagree! Many are happy to live in the village of Preston – not Lancashire, but Yorkshire.

Thorngumbald was once renowned for its Agriculture and Flower Show until costs and age overtook its original helpers. A worthy successor has emerged with the Annual Gala, raising funds to help village projects and renovations. Old and new have integrated quite well, though few of the true Thorngumbald villagers are left to recall the transformation.

[Thwing] has gradually succumbed to the advent of the motorcar and modern day living. Types of occupation have altered, although farming is the predominant industry, and more people are commuting from the parish. With no village shop, bus service or school, the village church and public house are now the focus of activity in the parish, with little to mar the tranquillity of the quiet backwater.


This fine photo found here.

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Coirí Filíochta said...

The History of Rail in West Lancashire, is a favourite of my best mate back home, along with Ormskirk in pictures, a changing town.

And now his lad is into it all. By the time his eldest was three, they were keen spotters on Preston train station, and his lad can tell you every single diesel from the Mallard on, and he's only effin ten, the clever little git.

But then his second lad mind, got passed over with the intelligence stick, but makes up for what he lacks in brains, with a highly violent nature, and his third lad appeared when i was in my final yr under the tutelage of the radical communist creative writing magus Robert Sheppard, who poured the initial concrete wisdom of his own ollamh, Bob Cobbings, into me during my three yrs in the Ormskirk nemeton at Edge Hill University.

I think there is also a book charting the development of this centre of poetic excellence knocking about.

The history of canals in Burscough and Rufford is also a page turner, all the home places in the cuisle chroi of South West Lancs one remebers with affection afore coming to the scanger paradise of doorty sub..

ps - i see our leader TS has delivered his verdict on us nocking back biffo...gra agus siochainn daithi, swift, nimble quick East Yorkshire earth talker.

I never forget when i first went to that rival province as part of a party of 14 yr olds and was told:

"Just cuz yer from lancashire, dunt mean yer can take over yorkshire.."

appy daze