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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Laughing Policeman

This is a laughing policeman, perhaps even a laughing secret policeman, to celebrate the fact that Matthew 'Sweney' is an entirely different person from Matthew 'Sweeney', despite the latter's recent forays into Central Europe and track record of poems about mental disturbance.

You're nicked my son. It's a night in the Lubyanka for you.


Ms Baroque said...

Too late. Forever now I'll just sort of think that 'deathified flat' poem was translated by Matthew Sweeney.

I saw him read last night, by the way - this is a Sweeney half-hour!

But what of poor Sweney?

And Ivan Blatný looks like a very interesting poet.

Anonymous said...

Come on, people! Matthew Sweeney and Matthew Sweney are two different persons. And Ivan Blatný (footballer) and Ivan Blatný (poet)are two different persons as well.