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Friday, September 14, 2007

Bulgarian Child Eating a Rat

A programme on BBC4 last night spent an hour and a half showing us children slowly starving to death in a Bulgarian orphanage, children dumped there at birth for the crime of being born blind or deaf, a bright mildly autistic girl also dumped there and gradually succumbing to the chronic all-day rocking of the unreachable, the child left to scream when her matchstick leg broke, the blind boy who stood motionless for hours when left by a nurse in the corridor. It also managed an interview, eventually, with the orphanage director, who boasted of having bought three umbrellas for the (empty) swimming pool, and felt the orphanage could badly do with a computer for her office.

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The image is Dalí’s ‘Freud’s Perverse Polymorph (Bulgarian Child Eating a Rat)’.

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teresa said...

I watched the BBC program about the children in the Bulgarian Orphanage it was on the BBC 19th Nov and could not sleep after it. What are we going to do, its no good saying how terrible it is and then just getting on with our own lives we must get on to our mep and just make a stand look at the pitchers on u tube and you will see that something has to be done please. Teresa Murphy