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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

It Burns, It Burns

I know I love Andrei Rublev and, if asked, would definitely give George Costanza's answer to the question 'So what exactly attracts you to the faith, my son?' in that episode of Seinfeld ('The hats, I would have to say the hats'), but to go out of my office for a minute and come back to find one of these in it, really, it's too much.

An Orthodox priest. He was 'blessing' my office to mark the beginning of the academic year. You'd think he'd do something useful like pick up some of the essays lying on the floor, but no. I didn't even get time to do an 'It burns, it burns' routine before he billowed off down the corridor.

'You truly must be filled with the spirit of the Lord.'
'Oh, I'm full of it father.'

1 comment:

Mark Granier said...

So long as you didn't try that trick with the crucifix...