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Monday, February 26, 2007

Three Things

The three things a film needs, Jean Luc Godard said, are a girl, a gun, and a car.

The three things a song needs, Tom Waits, are a car, a place name, and a sandwich. Or something like that.

The three things a good book needs are...? Suggestions please.

I propose:
1) Touaregs with guitars.
2) An industrial estate.
3) A chinchilla.


John said...

Not bad. I suggest:

1) An unsolved plane crash
2) Go-go dancers
3) Cancer

Anonymous said...

1) Some Stydung
2) A Miss Fitt
3) Blancmange

sean lysaght said...

Three things an Irish novel needs:

someone with an alcohol problem (to make the reader feel grounded in Irish ethnic space); some intercultural references, e.g. the Asian Gaelic Games Festival; at least one redeeming insight plagiarised from The Philosophy of Andy Warhol