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Monday, February 26, 2007

Capricious Caprine Capers

'Goat fronting', that's what the pronunciation of the letter o in these parts is called. As in (does the sound) 'I don't know'.

A man from round here was up in court for having sex with a goat. He was spotted from a train by someone who rang the police. He denied all charges, but fibres of goat were found in his underpants.

More a case of goat-rearing than goat-fronting, to be pedantic, depending on how many ecstatic O's he gave vent to during the incident.

There is no animal-themed linguistic name for the other distinctive local vowel pronunciation, of the long i sound. As in the exchanging of palm-slaps while listening to a stereo in an apartment block: ah fahves to the ah-fah in the ah-rahse.

Except there is now because I've just invented one. Stoat-worrying. That's what it's called.

1 comment:

Mark Granier said...

Your story about the guy with the goaty underpants sounds like a version of one of the best dirty jokes I've heard. The punch-line goes: "A good goat will do that."