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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Little Blurts Midget Grammar

I am my surroundings. I am whatever distracts me: these signs in the street, whispering hoardings I pass, voices from nowhere. Christian Bi[ ]le Fellowship, Happy Hour All Day: Open Fire. This car radio dial I turn. Barry’s in Thirsk and he’s got a point about policing. Hi Barry. Steve’s in Dagenham and he’s been at today’s game. This interference. This noise in your ear drowning me out… Hi. Hi. I was at the game today and I just wanted to say how angry I am, I’m so angry. … is me. This rag you glance at and throw aside, these headlines. Man’s frustration at missing wife hunt. Scientists find potent shark repellent. I am what stops you from hearing me. This dial you turn. And the summary: vigorous depression. A shout in the street. Hey, I’m talking to you!

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