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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Rafa Departs

‘I would like to thank Stevie/Nando/Jamie/whatever that guy’s name was I paid ten million quid for any never played, because he does always does a good game for asssss.’

Plans for last four finish in next year’s League Cup in ashes.

Drives to Manchester for valedictory refusal of handshake with/tetchy press-conference attack on Alex Ferguson.

Yes there is still time to be appointed manager of the UAE and take them of the World Cup in the first round.

As-yet Unnamed New Manager Must Go!/As-Yet Unnamed New Manager Victim of Anti-Liverpool Media Vendetta.

Steven Gerrard’s forehead crease setting upped two more notches.

Fernando Torres adjusts hair-gel setting, at Spain World Cup camp, to ‘¿Estoy molestado?’

Stevie working flat-out on fabricating ‘fraught’ relationship (hint hint Real Madrid) with as-yet unnamed new manager.

Rafa’s pitchside notes finally unveiled as lesbian detective novel set in Belgium; missed the Istanbul penalty shoot-out while he worked on cliff-hanger ending to chapter seven.

Hicks and Gillett still not sure who that guy was.

25/5/05 – YNWA – ¡Vaya con Dios, Rafa!

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Anonymous said...

Meeshter Fergushon outlasts the Fat Spanish Waiter and his 'throw shit at a wall, something's bound to stick' transfer policy. Quelle surprise.

"I'd rather walk alone".