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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Whydah Fools Fall in Love

What gratifying answers to my request for neologisms the other day. Moping and mooching at work today I found myself rewriting song titles to form terrible puns on bird’s names, and came up with the following ten. Any other suggestions gratefully received!

Rook Around the Clock
Grouse is the Word
Stork in the Middle with You
He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Plover
Hip to be Skua
Auk on the Wild Side
Pipit on a String
Born to Wren
Kea to My Heart
Whydah Fools Fall in Love


V said...

Love be a linnet tonight...?

Mark Granier said...

Puffin on a String
Saint Jays Infirmary
Ring My Bellbird
Hanging on the TeleEuphonia
Just a Spoonbill of Sugar
My Starling Clemantine
Ani's Song
Bluebird River
Because You're Mynah

or how about some movie titles:

The Dowitchers of Eastwick
Deep Thrush
Groundroller Day
Eye of the Eider
The Kingfisher And I
Shoot the Loon
Toucan Play That Game
The Flycatcher (be afraid, be Veery afraid...)

sean lysaght said...

She loves you jay, jay, jay

Tim Kendall said...

Transfigured Nightingale.
Knock on Woodpecker.
American Magpie.
Rhapsody in Blue Jay.
If I Had a Yellowhammer.
Singing in the Crane.
Desolation Crow.
Dove la Figlia.
Feel the Thrush.

puthwuth said...

Or a TV programme -- Siskin the City?

puthwuth said...

And then there's always Simply Red's Money's Too Twite to Mention.

The Lyre said...

Siskin on the Dock of the Bay
Long-Tailed Tit from Liverpool
Abraham, House Martin & John

Anne said...

Nah, it's Long-Haired Plover from Liverpool.

Anne said...

O Canada Goose
A Wand'ring Kestrel, I
Little Deuce Coot
Do Not Forsake Me, O My Starling